New Cleric LF Full Support suggestion

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New Cleric LF Full Support suggestion

Post by DragonKingMarx » February 28th, 2018, 5:22 am

I just gotten around to Tree of Savior as a Cleric, and I was looking to do a full support build or support focused with some offensive power. Could anyone give me any suggestions or links to any builds that are in depth and detailed?
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Re: New Cleric LF Full Support suggestion

Post by Timeshadow » March 1st, 2018, 3:05 am

Right now, the support meta build typically looks something like Cleric2 -> Diev3 -> Miko -> PD3.

Cleric2 is pretty much baseline for any Cleric build. Divine Might alone is enough to make the second circle worth taking and you'll definitely want the extra heal tiles for keeping your teammates HP topped up.

Diev brings a lot of utility starting at Circle 1. You can place statues that reduce the cooldown of your team's skills, lower their SP costs, and even give them free warps to other maps. Circle 2 gives you owl statues that can do a lot of damage provided enemies stand in front of them and you've got a good chunk of your stat points invested in SPR (Owls count as summons so their damage scales with SPR, similar to Bokor zombies). You also get Carve World Tree which silences enemies that enter its radius. Finally, Circle 3 gives you Statue of Ausrine, a statue that makes anyone who runs around it clockwise invulnerable for a set period of time. The downside to Diev is that your statues can't move or change direction so your playstyle ends up being very stationary.

Miko is basically designed for support. Sweeping increases the skill level of magic circles placed within its AoE. Clap increases the duration of installations (Which is why Miko pairs so well with Diev). Gohei allows you to remove debuffs and I believe it also works on negative status conditions like poison and burn but I'm not 100% on that.

Plague Doctor is in there to give you some offensive capabilities outside of Owl statues. It has some good party support skills too but it's mainly going to be a source of damage for you. Outside of high end content, ToS is a DPS race so it doesn't pay to be a "healer" or a full support without any damage of your own :bawi:
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