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All Around PvE Support Build

Posted: October 24th, 2017, 1:43 am
by TreeCriss
Hi guys,

I just started playing a few days ago and am really looking to play a decent support build for all end game PvE content. I made a build on the skill simulator and would really like any advice or tips I can get. I understand that you can pretty much go whatever route as long as you stay relatively focused on support. I just don't want to invest much time in a build if there are any obvious mistakes or things I may regret in the late game, as I'm sure many new players are afraid of. Also still have a very vague idea of what I should be putting stats in but I am thinking around 60-80 CON and rest SPR. Any tips on attributes are also appreciated.

Really want to play Krivis for some reason so for the future if I play enough and R10 is a thing I would like to eventually do Krivis 3. Thank you guys in advance. ... o0pgi67si/