Help on this Inquisitor Build

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Help on this Inquisitor Build

Post by paulo.junior » September 6th, 2016, 3:06 pm

Hello friends,
Can you give me some advice about this build? If anyone playing on Ktos could, please submit some inquisitors videos. ... ckc4nltty/
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Re: Help on this Inquisitor Build

Post by wanderson.moura » September 6th, 2016, 7:58 pm

bad build in in my opinion, with you want good inquisitor dont go for palladin in build go for monk.
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Re: Help on this Inquisitor Build

Post by Servain » September 7th, 2016, 12:28 pm

Going the same build as you pretty much, though i have cleric 2 and diev the 3 first classes. Going 2:1 str/con build.

You could also switch kabbalist for oracle to be even more annoying for the mages xD My guildmate is going the monk/oracle into inquisitor. But i have no doubt that the paladin will work with inquisitor, its just a more defensive build. ... cvhiftwj4/ here is mine
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Re: Help on this Inquisitor Build

Post by AwakenerOfDusk » September 10th, 2016, 10:43 pm

All I want to know is, what stat scales with Inquisitors (Intellect / Strength )? I don't even know that so I can't really have a say in what works and doesn't.

EDIT: I don't really understand the Korean descriptions written in the class builder so it's hard to figure out until that's clarified (@m@)
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Re: Help on this Inquisitor Build

Post by Dinkuron » September 11th, 2016, 1:49 am

wanderson.moura wrote:bad build in in my opinion, with you want good inquisitor dont go for palladin in build go for monk.
Are you Sure ??, because from what i know, inquisitor from paladin path was great. any reason why you say it bad?? :omg: :omg:

My reason told inquisitor from paladin path was great:
in C3 paladin you will get conviction, if convition combine with GOD SMASH it will ONE PUNCH MAN damage!!
See this : (vid 1) and this (vid 2)
in the video no 1, inquisitor used conviction first (button s) and then unleash the god smash (button 2) the result was ton of damage (44 k non crit; 65 k on crit), meanwhile in video no 1 the inquisitor did not use the conviction an the damage was half from use conviction (23k non crit; 35k on crit) and i don't see any skill from monk will help scale any damage of inquisitor skill. :pif: :pif:

you also can change your priest path to take cleric2 and diev, the reason:
1. Cleric 2 will give you more ability to help your party member (since you will not be recognize as DPS until Inquisitor, so you will be support in party role)
and the Divine might will help you alot with skill (add +1 level of skill, imagine that in inquisitor god smash :meh: :meh: )
2. Diev the cooldown statue wil help you grinding more.
3. because actually you can buy priest buff scroll from pardoner, but i do not follow it, why I must buy buff if i can get buff for me and my party, and in party role i will be support.

I reccomend to change rescurection allocation to mass heal, Lvl 2 on rescurection+attribute is enough to bring back member's from graveyard.

I also build inquistor with this build: ... 8t3bx4ym2/

the problem now, is how inquisitor skill will scale is it from INT or STR? for this one i still don't know much. other say it's 75% str 25% int. but i think the 25% idea come from Malleus Maleficarum (but i think it's not our INT that scale the damage but enemy Magic int/INT).

information for inquisitor path skill : ... /323135/51 or watch this :

Pear of Anguish
Deploy Pear of Anguish on the ground
Enemies who step on the Pears will take damage
When an enemy casts a magic spell near the Pears, the Pears will fly towards the enemy caster and deal 3x more damage

Breaking Wheel
Max Level: 15
Type: Melee Buff (Strike)
Attribute: Melee
Cooldown: 24
Overheat: 2
SP: 115 (+12/Lv)

Summons a wheel that causes damage to nearby enemies
The Wheel will also spread damage dealt to enemies within range while it is spinning
Damage dealt is magic type(?)
Does not spread the debuffs that come from the attacks spread

God Smash
Max Level: 15
Type: Melee Buff (Slash)
Attribute: Melee
Cooldown: 50
SP: 101 (+11/Lv)

Inflicts damage
Additional damage when using a [Blunt] type weapon (unknown value)

Malleus Maleficarum
Max Level: 15
Type: Melee Attack (Strike)
Attribute: Melee
Cooldown: 30
Overheat: 3
SP: 89 (+9/Lv)

Deals damage to targets and reduces their INT and SPR into half
Magic attacks dealt by the targets will consume twice as much SP
Debuffed targets will take additional damage based on their own magic attack (based on previews)

Max Level: 15
Type: Magic Attack
Attribute: Melee
Cooldown: 28
SP: 105 (+10/Lv)

Damage: 6149.9 (+889.2/Lv) -> Lv5: 9706.7
Hitcount: 1 per projectile
Target Limit: 7
Debuff Duration: 7 + (Skill Lv x 3) -> Lv5: 22 seconds

Sorry for the long Post. :thx:
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