Solo stat build?

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Solo stat build?

Post by Koalila » August 6th, 2016, 10:20 pm

So since the friendos I play with won't let me level my "main" further, I've decided to level a bunch of new characters and have fun with some builds. Though I'm having huge problems with figuring out stat builds for cleric classes :hmm:

I would love a c3 druid with the reveal of rank 8 (build/idea: ... 2jn9bbjye/ ), and I have plans for a pardoner in the future (probably when my friendos make new chars), but what stats do I build for clerics? I've seen a few guides saying con and int, where con is capped at X amount (80-100 seems to be the mark) and I assume int is just the dump for the rest of the points. But some guides bring up spr and that's got me confused and scared. How important is spr in a cleric build? Both specific to my druid/bokor build and any potential future healers I make. I've made the mistake of not researching shiz before in this game (50 spr on a sorc :panic: ) and I don't wana make another one.
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Re: Solo stat build?

Post by Marloss » August 8th, 2016, 8:13 am

SPR is important for support clerics as you have some Priest skills scaling very good with SPR (Stone Skin, Blessing), and can also be useful for a chaplain (Aspersion). But for other builds you dont need it, as Clerics get very high SP pool and recovery.
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Re: Solo stat build?

Post by Akatuoro » August 8th, 2016, 1:20 pm

Hey :bo:

for your build you don't need SPR, just INT. Like Marloss said, other circles like Priest need SPR for the scaling.
About the CON, you need it to survive later in the game. 80-100 is a good idea.

Now to your build.
Divine Might is very powerful even if it only elevates skill levels by 1. So take only 1 point into Cure and put the other 4 into Divine Might. (You can save 4 points of Cleric c1 for c2) Also put only 4 points into Fade and 1 more into Divine Might.
So Cure at 1, Divine Might at 5 and Fade at 4.

For your Bokor I'd suggest you fill up all 5 of Samediveve at c2 cause it's very nice for leveling. You can then fill Hexing to 10 at c3.
For Druid, all further levels at Chortasma only extend the duration by 1, nothing more. So only take 1 point into that one. You can put Shape Shift to 10 (extends duration by a lot). And I'd advise you to take Telepathy lv 1. (In case you ever want to look into pvp or you might want it for something else)
~~ Akatuoro :gawi:

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