Zombie Master; a Bokor Build (Need Help!)

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Zombie Master; a Bokor Build (Need Help!)

Post by Hitch » July 9th, 2016, 2:23 pm

Hello, i'm new in this game and i have questions about cleric class, especially Bokor.

I was inspired by this video. I love the gameplay, the damage, and of course the zombie, so I decided to make one. :no1:
The problem is i haven't sure about the advance class at rank 6 and 7, and also the stats distribution. :sob:

I'm going with Cleric (of course) > Priest > Bokor C3, and the stats gonna be 40 STR, 20 CON, and put the rest in DEX.
Not sure about the skills yet, but probably i'm not gonna take Hex and Effigy because I have no INT and SPR. :hmm:

I'm really confuse about this build, but i really want to make one. So to sum up, I need help to answer a few question below:
:?: It is a right decision to invest 40 in STR, 20 in CON, and the rest in DEX?
:?: What is the most suitable classes for rank 6 and 7 for this (not done yet) build?
:?: Can I still deal a massive damage with Plague Doctor or Druid, without invest nothing in INT?
:?: Can I still support my team mate well without investing in INT, and go for Cleric for more Heal and Priest for Sacrament?

Need answers, advices, and any thoughts will help me a lot. :thx:
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Re: Zombie Master; a Bokor Build (Need Help!)

Post by Noah » July 9th, 2016, 5:21 pm

Hello there from [almost] capped Bokor. There is a dedicated thread on official forums, there you may find/ask for more details about your build.

https://forum.treeofsavior.com/t/class- ... ead/242687

But a quick answer about it would be :hmm: ehhhh..

DON'T. EVER. Build your character around 1 skill. Even if that skill is OP (its not). Road to 280 is way longer than you may think, you will be bored to death spamming zombie train and its late game damage is almost nonexistent.

If you like Bokor and want to uncover its full potential you go INT for DPS Cleric. Cleric2-Bokor3-something-PD; Cleric-Priest-Bokor3-Priest-Kabbalist; Cleric2-Bokor3-Druid2; thore builds are hard to screw up.

If you like Bwa Kayiman and want physical Cleric you go Bokor2 and take Monk/Paladin to complement/cover for weaknesses.

If you like to support you go support without Bokor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Its probably what you will be told by other experienced Bokor players as well though.
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