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HELP me with my BUILD!!

Posted: September 10th, 2017, 2:01 pm
by lyzbeth
Im New Player here, my server is Telsiai <> im try to make my own build but i got a problem here :

A2 - SAPPER2 - WUGU2 - Musketeer2 , as i know, lot of player play sapper with fletcher + mergen but i change a bit here. because i want to go with musketeer, and i didn't want to use change weapon, so i pick class that can use skill with all weapon, then i choose wugushi to fill the gap/change fletcher part. imo sapper+wugushi can cover-up lack of AOE-musketeer skill.

im bit confused with stat allocation and what skill i must pick in sapper2?

what do you think?
PS sorry for my bad english :gawi: