Sapper Mergen -> Suggestions?

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Sapper Mergen -> Suggestions?

Post by Patamr » December 18th, 2016, 11:10 pm

Hi guys :D Sooooo... Can anyone help with some suggestions please? What should i choose on rank7?

This is not a full pve or full pvp. Just for fun

Archer c2 > Sapper c3 > Falconer c1 > ?????????? > Mergen c1


Archer c3 -> Nope... Boring;

QS c1 -> Nooo.....

Ranger c1 > Nope... I do not want this;

Rogue, Schwarzer Reiter, Cannonner or Musketeer -> NOPE


Scout c1 -> Cloaking for escape and flank (surprise attack)? Flame Shot for bosses?

Fletcher c1 -> Maybe? c1 worth it? Broadhead seems a good pvp skill idk...

Falconer c2 > Strengthen what I already have?


:wah: Helpp....

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Re: Sapper Mergen -> Suggestions?

Post by Mudoin » December 20th, 2016, 5:52 am

I was Ar3-Sap3-Scout-Mergen...
Kinda good having Scout for Flare easy collecting on quest / exploring
Damage is still good... Though waiting for Sapper buff... :D

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