PvP build for Canoneer (?)

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PvP build for Canoneer (?)

Post by ulquiorras13 » August 24th, 2016, 8:38 pm

umm hi. i want to ask you guys about this class, so far ive seen canoneer class is identic with ranger 3 who is awesome in PvE. so i try to figure out is canoneer will work with PvP build? like QS3>Archer2>Scout1>Musketeer2 .
what do you guys think? i really love canoneer but also love pvp. can anyone help about the build?

sorry for bad english, hope you guys understand what im saying. :lv:
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Re: PvP build for Cannoneer (?)

Post by Akatuoro » August 25th, 2016, 3:15 am


here's a build that you might like. It's got a lot of PvP stuff in it, building into Cannoneer. The game plan is basically to use stealth and then shoot their high priority target in the back with your cannon. You have to take care against enemy Kabbalist's "Revenge Sevenfold" that can reflect the damage you do back to you. Also remain in stealth if enemies got invulnerability.

http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simu ... 2vacjj8xb/
Archer 2 gives you Full Draw and Heavy Shot for annoying your enemies. Also Swift Step helps with Crit Attribute.
Hunter 1 can further annoy enemies with Coursing.
Scout 3 for Cloaking, Camouflage and Scan. This makes this build also very good for doing daily Gimmicks etc.. But you could as well take Scout 1 and 2 Circles of something else.
Cannoneer, the reason of the build ;-) Good burst AoE

You should get a good amount of Con to survive in PvP. Then you can either choose Dex to survive even more (recommended) or go Str for better PvE. A good Cannon is required either way.
Grinding can be a bit hard until you get Cannoneer, so I'd advise you to level through questing and exploring till then. And dungeons and missions ofc.

PvE builds also work ok in PvP, but if you're really into it then fitting it to PvP will yield better results I think.

~~ Akatuoro :gawi:

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Re: PvP build for Canoneer (?)

Post by Luchiop » December 20th, 2017, 11:57 pm

I played quite a lot of cannoneer. Tried many builds. These are the best IMO:

Ar2-qs3-sc-cann3: PvP
Ar1-qs3-sc-ro-can3: PvP with backstab positioning
Ar2-hunt3-sc-can3: PvP+pve cc + support in pve (fun build very useful with growling for safe cannon skill rotation).
Ar2-sap3-ro-can: pve build. You use rogue skill to capture your own broom trap before it disappears and then you can lay down 2 at a time. Very nice for party play. Tons of damage. Fun but a bit unsafe.

In all of the cases I would use Dex and str with no Con. Archer hp scales horribly with con so better get hp from gear. You can add some spr (around 30/50) or get a regard horn xbow. Cannoneer is a sp pot sink. Hope it helps.
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