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Hunter builds. Is hunter worth choosing?

Posted: April 22nd, 2016, 1:04 pm
by Kvell
Hey everyone. I am a beginner, and decided to make an archer-based toon. According to various guides and comments I began thinking that hunters are not a good choice, because of weird pet's AI, low dps, lack of CC etc. Is it true?

Right now I have Archer C1+Archer C2 character. My goal is Falconer. So the final skill build is Archer C1+Archer C2+Hunter C1+Hunter C2+Hunter C3+Falconer C1+ Falconer C2.

Or Ranger instead of Hunter. My considerations are here ... m85xpq20q/

Could you clarify the issue for me? Hunter right now - is it good or bad based on your experience?


Re: Hunter builds. Is hunter worth choosing?

Posted: April 22nd, 2016, 8:21 pm
by yanetagiu
Hunter 1 is ok. It has worth beneficts, you don't really need circle 3 growling.
If you want to, you may choose Hunter 2 for Retrieve and Hounding(level 2 or 3 is ok) for more CC and utility for PvP.

Hunter has enough CC, when throwing Coursing you are reducing it's armor and magic resist (by atribute) and getting an extra 40% crit chance, it has to be maxed out to get extra duration even if it has a very low cooldown. Then you can Retrieve (maxing it too) to drag the target for several seconds making him imposible to do something and recuding more armor. Both skills do extra damage as well.

Beside this combo, your offensive skill, Rush Dog, does very nice damage AND! maxing out it's atribute, it gets a 40% chance of a 6secs STUN!

You should pick lvl 1 Praise, not for the mini buff, just for the movespeed atribute.

So you can pick lvl 1 or 2 hunter circle and then you may choose Ranger or Sapper or Fletcher or Rogue.

-Ranger 1 gives you Barrage. This skill, even if not maxed, deals very nice end game damage, and it can hit 7 times if throwed melee.
It also has Critical Shot, a non cooldown skill with a very high critical chance, and Steady Aim for extra % damage.
I don't recommend High Anchoring, but it should be maxed if you are picking it, for extra range.

-Sapper is ok for camping, the Claymore Trap is very easy to set up and detonate, and it does tons of damage.
It's damage scales by a fixed damage AND! a 300% of your attack damage, so it's ok in late game.
The other traps are good enough to pick them because of their CC.

-Fletcher is one the most single target damaging classes, so it can give you all the damage you lack of.

-Rogue may be nice for Hunter, because it gives you a very high crit chance buff hitting from behind when you pet/companion is tanking the target.
But it's better for you picking Rogue 2nd circle to get Back Stab too, an assassin skill with the same benefict, your companion is tanking, so you can easily hit your target from behind. So, you will lose the Falconer 2nd circle until they expand the class rank cap.

Also, it's hard to get used to that bad AI. But I think/bet their are going to improve it this year.

Hope I help you.

Re: Hunter builds. Is hunter worth choosing?

Posted: April 22nd, 2016, 9:41 pm
by Kvell
I appreciate very much your prompt answer and time spent to this reply. It is utterly informative and useful. Thank you :thx: