Scout's Spilt Arrow

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Scout's Spilt Arrow

Post by Enryd » October 27th, 2015, 10:59 am

Any insights about scout's Split Arrow? Was it considered fair/balanced even if it has 600+ damage at lvl5 with 30+ SP at 0 cooldown that bounces because of the high SP cost of the other skills like Flu Flu and Flare Shot? Or, were they high or is it just me? I'm just thinking whether the figures in the skill simulator were accurate.
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Re: Scout's Spilt Arrow

Post by GucciQueen » November 3rd, 2015, 8:35 am

They are high af. The current hype with FULL SPR archers spamming oblique shot and mowing mobs, this skill is basically oblique on steroids.

lv 15 Oblique Shot 445 atk / 1 bounce @ 95% / 45 sp (updated)
lv 05 Split Arrow 631 atk / 2 bounce @ 200% / 37 sp

There's barely an issue with mana on max oblique, so 37 sp on split arrow is just too good... Oblique's passive slow still better for kiting. But who wants to go c3 into scout just for this skill? too deep of a rabbit hole. I assume this skill is to make up for a shit tree.
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