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[krOBT] List of KR OBT Patch Notes (~Dec 25th)

Posted: December 25th, 2015, 5:18 am
by Bluegale
KR OBT server maintenance from 1PM to 2PM on Dec 25th 2015

1. Due to fixing bug issues, following masteries won't be able to turn on or off.
- Shield Mastery: Block
- Staff Mastery : Fire
- Rod Mastery: Ice
- Shield Mastery : Enchant
- Mace Mastery : Stun
- Dievdirby : Bonus damage against plant-type
- Cloth Mastery : Magic
- Leather Mastery : Agility
- Plate Mastery : Defence
- Two Hand Sword Mastery : Critical Hit
- Two Hand Spear Mastery : Pierce
- Gun Mastery : Accuracy

▶ Character who already obtained above masteries will be fixed to ON status for them.

2. If you cannot connect to game server after patching the game, please try by deleting release.revision.txt file under Nexon\TreeOfSavior\release folder, then running the game after. That should fix the problem.

Please understand that you won't be able to play ToS during the maintenance.

Please accept our sincere appologies for having maintenance during Christmas holiday season.
Merry Christmas to every Saviors out there.

KR OBT server maintenance on Dec 24th 2015

Posted: December 25th, 2015, 5:45 am
by Bluegale
KR OBT server maintenance on Dec 24th 2015

Greetings, this is ToS.
Below are the list of changes applied via Dec 24th maintenance.

- Fixed where Heal skill was only applied once.
: Damage texts will overlay and thus will look like it only applied once, but the actual damage amount is correctly applied.

[Team name creation]
- When creating and changing team name, there will be "already taken" message pop-up if the name is already taken.
- Fixed where the team name couldn't reach 8 characters of Korean text or 16 characters of English text.

- Characters with level lower than 99 will now be able to see possible quests on Quest UI.
: They will appear on the UI if the character can continue main quest line on differect starting point AND if the character is in the area related to the starting point of corresponding quests.

- Stele Road area : on 'Remembering them' quest, an issue where boss monster do not attack first is fixed.
- Fixed where some quests couldn't be proceeded with a party.
:Quests: Into the grasp(3), The whereabouts of Bishop Urbonas(6)
- Animation effects on some quests are modified.

- Mage Tower 2nd and 4th floor monsters will now regenerate faster.
- Recommended grinding areas will now show on the worldmap based on the currently playing character.

- New message pop-up will now display when purchasing trading and market items indicating that potential will decrease by 1.
- Mastery tooltip readability is enhanced for Clothe, Leather and Plate Masteries.
- When enhancing Gems, the game will now ask for confirmation if trying to use enhanced equipments, equipments with gem equipped or equipments with higher rarity.
- When equipping items that increase skill levels, the issue where the skill level doesn't look like increased is fixed.

- Standard number of channels for areas for Level 100+ is now increased from 1 to 3.

[Known Issue]
- Issue where Stake Stockades skill (for Sapper) is only hitting once against enemies will be fixed on next maintenance.

Thank you.

KR OBT server maintenance on Dec 23rd 2015

Posted: January 8th, 2016, 8:01 am
by Bluegale
KR OBT server maintenance on Dec 23rd 2015

Greetings, this is Tree of Savior.
Below is the list of changes applied on the game with December 23rd (Wed) patch.

[Bug fix]
- Fixed an issue where shortcut for quest item usage "V" key getting recognized as Fire Ball or Ice Wall skills.
- The amount of silver dropped from the Blue Lafly monsters in Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family dungeon event is modified.
- Fixed an issue where the boss Rexipher not being damaged by tile-type skills in The Guardian's Jar quest at Royal Mausoleum 5F.
- You can now equip new equipment right after acquiring the proficiency skill to use it without having to restart the game.
- Fixed the movement AI for some monsters.

[UI changes]
- You can now sell the items at the Market by right-clicking the ones you'd like to sell.

- The Bleeding debuff duration is reduced to 10 seconds from 20.
- Multi-shot, Full draw, Heavy shot and Twin Arrow damage are increased.
- The SP usage of Multi-shot, Full draw, Kneeling shot, Swift Step, Oblique shot, Heavy shot and Twin arrow is reduced.
- The damage output of Barrage, High anchoring, Timebomb arrow and Bounce shot is increased.
- The damage output of Scatter Caltrops, Stone shot and Rapid fire is increased.
- The monsters will now target and attack the installed Pavise first.
- When using Deploy Pavise skill, the issue where the health not decreasing is fixed.
- When using Running shot skill, the attack speed and total damage output based on skill level are increased.
- The issue where Finestra skill buff getting deleted when using Cleave skill after using Finestra skill.

[Server stabilzation]
- Client stabilization is improved in order to stabilize the servers.

Thank you.

KR OBT server maintenance on Dec 22nd 2015

Posted: January 8th, 2016, 8:15 am
by Bluegale
Greetings, this is Tree of Savior.
Below is the list of changes applied on the game with December 22nd (Tue) patch.

[Bug fix]
- The issue where the system message incorrectly saying "The equipment is only for female characters." on some equipment items.
- Fixed an issue where shortcut for quest item usage "V" key getting recognized as Fire Ball or Ice Wall skills.
- Fixed an issue where the Mushukaria Hat getting equipped in the hairpin slot.
- Fixed an issue where companions cannot be adopted into team lodge occassionally.

- Fixed an issue where Telekinesis skill cannot be used.
- Fixed an issue where Icewall skill (Magic, Ice attribute) applied as melee type.
- Scatter Caltrops skill will now also inflict decrease in movement speed debuff when hit.

- Class change condition for Quarrel Shooter is now easier, requiring +1 enhancement for a crossbow.
- The selling price for Stone bullet item is changed to 0 silver.
- The icon image for the Warp Scroll item is changed.
- Now you will be rewarded complete Cat Ear (nekomimi) equipment item from a corresponding chest.
- Now you cannot use Return Stone item when in theaterical situation.
- When registering item on the Market, the time of registration will not be displayed from now on.
- Now you can turn on or off your enchant talents.
▶ Armor mastery
▶ Dual-hand spear mastery
▶ Gun mastery
▶ Shiel mastery

KR OBT server maintenance on Dec 21st 2015

Posted: February 16th, 2016, 4:21 pm
by Bluegale
Greetings, this is Tree of Savior.
Below is the list of changes applied on the game with December 21st (Mon) patch.

- An issue where the fee for teleporting to some zones is shown incorrectly is fixed.
- An issue where an incorrect icon for the epitaph of Zachariel displayed on the minimap in the zone Rukas Plateau is fixed.
- Objective for the quest "나를 찾는 여정 (Journey to discover myself-this quest is currently not translated in the quest DB. Sutatis Trade Route is the zone name.)" is changed to killing Drapeliun.
- NPC coordinates for the 1st volume of Karolis Stories that can be obtained in the zone Karolis Springs are changed in order to better show the location.
- The component items required for the quest recipes will now automatically given to player's inventory now, rather than the boss monster dropping them.
for example) Horn of Bramble
- Sleeping Boowook will now have quest monster mark on them.
- An issue where there was no boss BGM playing for the quest Secure the Farmland in the zone Gytis Settlement Area is fixed.
- An issue where your party members do not obtain the quest item the Essence of the Demon when finishing the quest "에드문다스의 걱정 (the Worries of Edmundas (3) - this quest is currently not translated in the quest DB.) in the zone Novaha Institute is fixed.
- An issue where your party members do not obtain the quest item the Ridimed Leaf when finishing the quest Antidote in the zone Gytis Settlement Area is fixed.
- An issue where you cannot complete the Barbarian Advancement quests if you play with Internet Cafe (PC Bang) previlege is fixed.
- An issue where monster Vikaras keeps respawned in the quest Corrupted Lantern (2) in the zone the Royal Mausoleum 3F is fixed.
- The quest Recue Edmundas (3) in the zone Novaha Annex is now easier to complete.
- An issue where the item Scorpio Hook is not given during the quest Missing Researcher (5) is fixed.
- The cooltime of quest item for the quest Can't Sell Without It is decreased from 15 seconds to 3 seconds.
- The amount of silvers spent during some quests is decreased.
▶ Guilty Conscience(3)
▶ Dream Book of the Bow2(2)
▶ Dream Book of the Bow3(2)
▶ Dream Book of the Bow4(2)
▶ In their Honor(2)

- Fixed an issue where you cannot create a party.
- The default party name given when creating a party is changed from just numbers to numbers with English alphabets.
- Fixed an issue where friends list UI is displayed incorrectly.

- You can now cancel the training of a specific attributes. (However the silvers paid to commence the training will not be refunded.)
- The maximum number of attributes you can train simultaneously is increased to two (2) temporarily due to the "사이코 해승 (Psycho Haeseung)" glitch.
The number will be switched down to one (1) as intended once the glitch is fixed.
(You can still simultaneously train up to three (3) attributes with Internet Cafe (PC Bang) privilege as usual.)

- Fixed an issue where knocked-down monsters do not get hit by certain skills.
- Fixed an issue where you cannot re-purchase a companion after purchasing one.

[UI Fix]
- Fixed an issue where error message getting displayed in the Internet Cafe (PC Bang) privilege tooltip window.
- Hat category in the Market UI is now moved to under the Hair Accessories category.
- The current amount of TP you hold will now be displayed on the upper left area of your team barracks.
- The name of the button via which you can re-configure the name of your team is switched from "Configure your team" to "Change the team name."
- Fixed an issue where there was no notification message displayed when trying to use Megaphone and Soul Crystal items when they are designated as 'locked.'

[Server Stabilization]
- New log functions are added and memory glitches are fixed to improve server stability.

Thank you.

KR OBT server maintenance on Dec 20th 2015

Posted: February 16th, 2016, 4:54 pm
by Bluegale
Greetings, this is Tree of Savior.

We sincerely apologize that there are frequent server instabilities occuring since the open beta service commenced.
We are currently working hard to pinpointing and fixing the issues, so please bear with us in the meantime.

We will also have some of the issues fixed and the server stabilization works during today's maintenance.
The details are as follows.

Maintenance period: Dec. 20th (Sun) 6 AM ~ 9 AM (3 hours)

[Balancing improvement]
1. The overall cost for repairing equipments is decreased.
2. The boss monsters in the initial zones that were too powerful are now easier to defeat.
→ Boss monsters up to the level 95 zones are also now easier to defeat.

[Bug fix]
1. Some treasure chests in the zone Septyni Glen will now spawn in the correct locations.
2. Fixed an issue where conversation of Klaipeda Companion Merchant is displayed when talking to Orsha Companion Merchant.
3. Fixed an issue where some monsters are not displayed in the Adventure Journal when defeated.
4. Fixed an issue where the potential value is decreased when some items are registered in the Market.
→ The decreased potential value is now reverted to the correct value during this time's maintenance.

[Skill improvement]
1. Archer class
→ 'Missle' attack damage against the large sized monsters is increased.
→ The damage output of 'Full Draw' and 'Heavy Shot' is increased.
→ The cooldown of the skill 'Twin Arrow' is decreased from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
2. Swordman class
→ The damage output of 'Double Slash' is increased.

1. The background texture of Orsha zone is modified.
2. The amount of silver drop from Ellogua and Raflower is decreased.
3. The map gimmick reward in the zone Royal Mausoleum Constructors' Church is decreased.

Thank you.