[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 31st

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[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 31st

Post by Flash » September 5th, 2015, 4:05 am

◆ 31Aug2015 Patch Notes Part 1

1. Balance and Bug Fixes

1) Swordsman Classes
- Fixed a bug with repair shop repair kit updating the UI correctly (not sure if this means actual vendor one or the Squire Base Camp skill since it’s under Swordsman).
- ? (Is about guarding, but not sure if it means the skill Cross Guard or not since it doesn’t specifically say Cross Guard, just guard.) 가드 상태에서 움직일 수 있던 현상이 수정되었습니다.
- Swordsman: Double Slash – Skill fixed.
- Squire: Food Table – Added option to provide or not provide food for non-party members.
- Cataphract: Impaler – Skill changed slightly (involving the hitting with the skewered mob I believe).
- Barbarian: Pouncing – Cooldown applies immediately on use and you can no longer jump during use.

2) Archer Classes
- Skill resistance information added to some of the skill text.
- Sapper: Punji Stake – Fixed an issue where the skill effect was being duplicated.
- Quarrel Shooter: Deploy Pavise – Added animations for the skill when using two handed bows.

3) Wizard Classes
- Wizard: Lethargy – Attribute “Additional Damage”, fixed an issue where this was not applying to other players.
- Alchemist: Item Awakening
--Maximum of 200 monsters now required.
--Changed how awakening, failing, or leaving a dungeon can affect potential while using.
--Changed skill being available in dungeons.
--You can now use the Ride skill and your pet while using this.(Skill tooltip modified.)

4) Cleric Classes
- Druid: Transform & Shape Shifting – Skills now available (and tooltips modified).
- Pardoner: Offerings – Attribute “enhance” fixed.
- Priest: Monstrance – Fixed a bug where the skill would repeatedly increase DEX.
- Krivis: Melstis - Fixed SP consumption and tooltips.
- Sadhu: Possession – Fixed this skill working on bosses. Will now damage (but depending on boss may not apply the bind debuff).
- Dievdirbys: Carve Austras Koks - Modified duration and tooltips.

2. Jumping while petrified is no longer possible.

3. Attack range and reaction speed of the companions have been improved.

◆ Part 2

- Some Sorcerer and Druids skills are broken and we will be fixing them tomorrow.

Credit to Zazabar for the translation.
Source: http://pastebin.com/fi6n5TkU
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