[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 21st

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[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 21st

Post by Flash » September 5th, 2015, 3:35 am

◆ Patch Update Part 1
1. Quest reminder not displaying upon character leveling up has been fixed.
2. Archer arrow attack is not impacted by armor.
3. Paladin - Barrier: Holy Damage attribute improvements made.
4. An error with the adventure journal UI has been fixed.

◆ Patch Update Part 2
1. Balance changes:
1) Archer Classes
-Schwarze Reiter: Caracole, Retreat Shot, Concentrated Fire – Skill reuse time decreased.
-Schwarze Reiter: Caracole – Knockdown removed.
-Hunter: Growling – When feared, monsters will not run away and will not move when hit.
-Resistances for archer family skills have been applied, see below.
* Archer
--Heavy Shot – 50% increased damage against plate armor.
--Full Draw – 50% increased damage against leather armor.
--Twin Arrow – 50% increased damage against cloth armor.

* Quarrel Shooter
--Stone Shot – 50% increased damage against plate armor.

* Ranger
--Time Bomb Arrow – 50% increased damage against plate armor.

* Fletcher
--Bodkin Point – 50% increased Damage against leather armor.

2) Wizard Classes (Both relate to fire pillar)
-파이어필라사용시 몬스터가 파이어 필라 범위 위로 올라가지 않도록 변경되었습니다.
-파이어필라에 피격되는 보스몬스터가 스킬을 사용하지 않던 문제가 수정되었습니다.

3)Cleric Classes
-Bokor: Samedieveve – Caster now receives 50% of the benefits of this buff.
-Oracle: Prophecy – Skill range increased by 50%.
-Priest: Exorcise – Now applies to flying type monsters.
-Paladin: Barrier – Skill ups now increase the amount of magic defense given.
-Oracle: Arcane Energy – Stamina increase changed, total buff time increased to 30 minutes.
-Paladin: Conversion - Increase strength attribute renamed in Korean client to “Strengthen Force”.
-Sadhu: Bashita Siddi – Strength of this skill has been increased.
-Sadhu: Posession – Strength of this skill has been increased.
-Druid: Transform – Fixed an issue where you would be unable to move after using this skill.

2. Item and Equipment Changes
1) Increased strength and durability:
-Dio, Thresh, Sestas, Drat, and Aston sets.
-Arcurus Crossbow, Yorgis Fedimian Turret, Spiked Crossbow , Black Tip Bow, Bullet Shooter, Veteran Crossbow, Fedimian Turret, Arbalest, Chapparition Bow
2) Ratings Change:
-Sniper Crossbow - 3 star -> 4 star
3. Some of the issues with the inventory UI being slow have been fixed.
4. Gem reinforcement with Talt items has been increased.
5. Made sure the amount of armor applied by enhanced armor matches the tooltip.
6. Fixed a consumption issue with Veiheider’s Hoglan food.
7. 매 컴패니언에게 애정 주기를 할 경우 벨하이더 컴패니언에게 적용되던 현상이 수정되었습니다. (Something about food with the Hawk Companion.)
8. Ginklas boss will no longer use invincible skill.
9. Fixed a problem with sound effect adjusting.

◆ Patch Update Part 3
1. Class balance and bug fixes:
1) Swordsman Classes
-Rodelero: Montano – Knockdown distance decreased.
-Rodelero: Targe Smash, Evasion Movement, Montano, Shooting Star – Skill cooldown time reduced.
-Rodelero: Shield Shoving, Targe Smash - Skills added. (http://i.imgur.com/0IgpNge.png)
2) Archer Classes
-Archer: Kneeling Shot – Fixed an attack speed issue when attacking diagonally.
-Scout: Undistance – Fixed an issue with charge gauge/SP while moving under this effect.
-Hunter: Praise - Movement speed attribute giving correct values now.
-Wugushi: Jincan Gu – Fixed shot applying DoT damage.
-Wugushi: Detoxify – Skill range increased.
3) Wizard Classes
-Necromancer: Gather Corpse – Knockback removed.
4) Cleric Classes
-Pardoner: Oblation - Offerings: Specialied in Indulgentia ability성의 공격력이 봉헌 최대 매입 개수보다 초과되던 현상이 수정되었습니다.

2. Item and Equipment Changes
1) Cloth Armor
-Chest and pants now have less defense and magic defense? (상의, 하의의 물리 방어력이 감소하고 마법 방어력 옵션이 강화되었습니다.)
-Option to reduce evasion for increased SP? (신발의 회피가 감소하고 최대 SP 옵션이 추가되었습니다.)
2) Leather Armor
-Chest and pants physical defense reduced.
3) Plate Armor
-Chest and pants have increased physical defense.
-Maximum HP option added to gloves and shoes.
-Accuracy and evasion on shoes and gloves reduced.
4) Cloth Armor Mastery Attribute Changes
-Level 3: Increased SP by 10.
-Level 4+: Increased Magic Defense, 2 initally, and +1 per level.
5) Leather Armor Mastery Attribute Changes
-Level 3: Increased evasion.
-Level 4: 50% increased evasion.
6) Plate Armor Mastery Attribute Changes
-Level 3: 34HP per level after this point.
-Level 4: +1 STA per level at this point.

3. When using a companion, companion UI should now show up.
4. Fixed an issue where stamina was not depleting while running.
5. Fixed a glitch where using Alt + 2 would not trigger companion feed cooldown.
6. One BGM has been changed.
7. Crafting UI for materials changed slightly.
8. Something about controller settings with different characters (게임패드 이용시 다른 캐릭터가 크리티컬이 발동되면 패드에 진동이 오던 현상이 수정되었습니다.)

Credit to Zazabar for the translation. Translations with KR font present may need double checking.
Source: http://pastebin.com/0uiZdcUV
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