[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 19th

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[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 19th

Post by Flash » August 20th, 2015, 3:46 am

Patch Notes #1
1. Fixed an issue where stats were incorrectly applied on some sets of items.
2. Doppelsoldner: An issue with Mordschlag has been fixed.
3. An issue with Swift Step has been fixed.
4. An issue with cards not properly displaying has been fixed. (There is still an issue with certain cards with the UI that has not been fixed.) *
5. An issue where the pet was attacking fireballs has been fixed.
6. An issue where Divine Might did not affect Simony has been fixed. (However, there is still an issue where Simony is not applying the same level/stats.) *
7. An issue where using Quicken would cause the normal attack motion to not be in sync has been fixed.
8. An issue where the client would freeze/slow down when opening the World Map has been fixed.
9. You can now modify your text with arrow keys (ie: spelling mistakes/word changes you can now use your arrow keys to go to that word/letter to change instead of having to click with your mouse or deleting what you've already typed)
10. An issue where linking an item would increase chat characters has been fixed.
11. An issue where having only 1 of the same item needed for crafting would display as "Can be crafted" has been fixed. (ie: you need more than 1 of the same item to craft it)
Patch Notes #2
Warrior Classes:
- Highlander: Hit accuracy for Crown has been modified.

Archer Classes:
- Sapper: Action: Enhance attribute has been added.
- An issue where general attacks could not be cancelled has been fixed.

Wizard Classes:
- Cryomancer: Frost Pillar has been added to the 3rd Circle.
- Linker: An issue where Joint Penalty would apply incorrectly according to skill level has been fixed.
- Chronomancer: Slow and Stop now apply to aerial monsters.

Cleric Classes:
- Sadhu: An issue with Send Planar's buff when interrupted has been fixed. *
- Monk: Palm Strike and Hand Knife delays have been reduced.
- Monk: Palm Strike knockback distance reduced.
- Oracle: Prophecy skill has been added to 1st Circle.
- Dievdirbys: Zemyna Statue skill tooltip has been modified.
- Bokor: Oguveve range modified.
- Sadhu: An issue where Out of Body could not be used while under the Cleric skill Fade has been fixed.

Other Notes
1. Underground Catacombs instance has been added. Can be accessed by talking to the Bulletin Board in Fediman by the Goddess Statue. Recommended Level: 200
2. Quick Slots changed so that Unlock/Lock state can be maintained.
3. Certain armors can now be worn by every job.
4. Several UI changes.
5. PvP: An issue where objects would remain after a round has been complete has been fixed.
6. Pardoner: Certain monster skills that reduce count of Dispeller scroller have been modified.
7. Blacksmith, Auction Market and Warehouse NPC have been added.
8. "Unfinished Request" Quest has been fixed.
9. Players who have this quest in progress, drop the quest and restart it.
TA Notes:
Had a hard time trying to translate some of these. Regarding some of these:
- The Sadhu skill that was fixed: I assume that meant an issue where Send Planar was applied incorrectly when the line during its cast was broken.
- Cards: Seems to be an issue with just displays and how it's not being properly reflected in the UI when swapping cards. Nothing too major or game-breaking.
- The Simony translation: I do believe this is what it states, however, I would need a Pardoner to test this to be sure...
- UI changes so far seem to be to the interface color, and the skill tooltip from what I have noticed.
- Warehouse NPC and Auction Market NPC right beside the Squire NPC. As a Squire player, I like this a lot.
- Monk delay reductions: Well, it is a buff, but not one to complain about seeing as how the delays on these two skills were just awful.
Again, I guarantee none of these to be 100% correct. I've had a couple of issues where my translations were wrong because I had overlooked a word(s), incorrectly assuming the wrong context or the notes were changed after the fact. I've reintroduced *'s on translations where I am unsure of.
Credits: Raimu
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