[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 13th

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[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 13th

Post by Flash » August 15th, 2015, 7:24 am

Patch #1

Corsair – Double Weapon Assault: Corrected an issue where using a dagger would result in knockback.

Recovery Potions - Increased the amount recovered. (Both HP and SP potions)

Fletcher - Fixed a bug where Arrow Production was only producing one arrow.


-Flesh Cannon: Damage increased. Casting time decreased. Cooldown slightly increased. Enabled movement with skill.

-Flesh Hoop: Damage increased. Cooldown decreased.

-Create Shoggoth: Increased the attribute ratio of Caster INT to Shoggoth damage.

Sorcerer - Summon Salamion: Increased the attribute ratio of Caster INT to Salamion damage.

Krivis - Divine Stigma: Increased the range at which a party member can get the Divine Stigma Buff.
Patch #2


-Finestra: Fixed a bug where reusing the skill would remove the buff.

-Stabbing: Fixed a bug where the animation was unexpectedly long.


-For testing purposes, Sorcerer’s Circle 1 skills changed.

-Summoning skill has been changed to be able to go to level 15.

Secondary Weapon Information:

-Both primary and secondary damage information can be found in the character information window.

-Attributes of some skills will change.

-Magic damage of some monsters has been reduced.
Credits: Zazabar
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