[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 12th

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[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 12th

Post by Flash » August 15th, 2015, 7:22 am

Patch #1

-Removed the level requirement to start quests linked with the main quest.

-Fixed the problem where certain skills were not working properly in the Royal Mausoleum area.

-Alchemist: Dig Skill cannot be used in Towns anymore.

-Fixed the problem where the chat window was moving when Alt-Tab was used.
Patch #2

Archer Classes:

-Archer classes resistance penalties against monsters of certain sizes has been mitigated.

-When strenghtening bows and crossbows, resistance is mitigated on medium-sized monsters by 2% per upgrade up to 20%, and on large-sized monsters by 4% per upgrade up to 40%.

-Barbarian: Savagery Skill duration is now locked to 40 seconds, and damage has been modified to increase by 10% per level.

-West Siauliai Woods's background texture was changed.
Credits: ScarletFirest
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