[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 11th

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[kCBT3] Patch Notes August 11th

Post by Flash » August 15th, 2015, 7:19 am

1) Monk - Energy Blast enhancement attribute was being applied to Golden Finger Flick, this has been fixed.

2) Klaipeda merchant not selling material recipes has been fixed.

3) Field boss Durahan and Marionette have had their stats changed. (May possibly be skills.)

4) Fixed message being displayed when opening shop before logging out.

5) Left Arm Enhancement (Thaumaturge) was displaying the tooltip for the Right Arm Enhancement and this has been fixed.

6) The Demon collection inadvertently showed that it was part of the “Shadow Perm” collection. This has been fixed.

7) Some UI fonts have been changed.

8) Elementalist – Meteor: Tooltip updated to reflect changes from previous patch.

9) Highlander – Moulinet: Cooldown (reuse time) reduced.

Credit to Zazabar for the translation.
Credits: zazabar
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