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[Clockwork] Hardcore PvX | NA/EU Based | Guild Recruitment

Posted: December 22nd, 2014, 8:36 am
by Sharka

Hardcore PvX

*NOTE: Tree of Savior is still in development. Below you will find some generic information about our guild. We will update our recruitment post as we learn more about the game, and get into beta testing. However, you can rest assured that we have every intention of pursuing all aspects of PvP and PvE the game has to offer at a competitive level.

About Us
Clockwork is in part a reincarnation of an old gaming community. Founded by a group of friends who share years of experience across multiple game genres. We pride ourselves in providing a mature and competitive atmosphere where players can reach their full potential. We expect a high standard of skill and communication, and therefore recruitment is selective. Those who are seeking a guild for free handouts should look elsewhere. Clockwork is only interested in recruiting players with ambition, and whom aspire to be apart of something bigger than themselves.

Historically we have always been a PvP focused guild. However, you do not have to enjoy PvP to join our guild. You are welcome to be a PvE Hero as long as you heed the "call to arms", whenever it may arise. We care less about what you do, and more about how well you do it.

In Clockwork, we do not give out arbitrary ranks and promotions. We prefer to keep our command structure simple and unified. You will not be kicked for voicing an opinion, but we do expect your comments to be articulated maturely and based on fact. A team is at its strongest when there is respect, communication, and a clear and unified vision.

  • Must have TeamSpeak and a microphone.
  • English Language
  • Be active
  • Exhibit maturity, respect, and skill competency.
  • Guild comes first! Everyone is expected to contribute time and resources.
  • Must honor alliances with other guilds.
  • Don't be a scrub
  • Elitism is fine, but being a douchebag is not.
  • Must be willing to drop everything for a "call to arms". (defend territory, protect members/assets)
  • Do not lie, cheat, steal. This will result in immediate removal.
  • Must be able to meet guild objectives and other requirements.

We use TeamSpeak3. Contact a guild member for access.

The 5 Step Application Process
  1. Fill out an application on our website. *you will need to register/login (top right corner of site)
  2. Submit a complete application.
  3. Check your application frequently for a response from us.
  4. Interview on TeamSpeak
  5. Trial Status

Thank you for your time. Please contact me with your questions, comments, concerns, or angers.
- Sharka

Re: [Clockwork] Hardcore PvX | NA/EU Based | Guild Recruitme

Posted: December 23rd, 2014, 12:41 am
by Sharka
I wanted to make a quick apology to all of you who visited our site over the past 24 hours. Many of you experienced issues when attempting to register/apply on our site. Our website has been under construction, and I accidentally broke the menu link to the application page for TOS.

This issue has been resolved. You should be able to register on our website by clicking "register/login" on the top right of the website. Once registered you can hover over the "recruitment" tab on the menu to find our Tree of Savior application.

I apologize again for the inconvenience. Please contact me if you experience any further issues.

Thank You,
- Sharka

Re: [Clockwork] Hardcore PvX | NA/EU Based | Guild Recruitme

Posted: December 23rd, 2014, 9:38 pm
by TsundereCafe
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)