[Klaipeda] Looking For Late Night Guild

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[Klaipeda] Looking For Late Night Guild

Post by Kelethar » May 31st, 2016, 2:16 am


I'm currently looking for a guild that plays in the late evening or night time. My schedule prevents me from being online during the day, most of the time. I am very active and currently working on my Archer > Scout > Musketeer, currently level 180+. A heads up on a late night guild or recruitment interview would be nice.

IGN: Memitim [Klaipeda] (PST time zone)
Currently 180+ Archer 3 > Scout 3 > going Musketeer.
I'm interested in group play such as GvG, World Bosses and dungeons.

Also, I enjoy playing my archer, but I'm not dead set on playing it. If I found a dedicated guild that is interested, I wouldn't mind rolling a new class to help out. Thanks!
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