[EU]3player LF Guild 200+ [GER/ENG]

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[EU]3player LF Guild 200+ [GER/ENG]

Post by shinn » April 24th, 2016, 9:56 pm


we are 3 players from Germany. We're playing currently on [BR]Orsha(if you know what imean). But we gonna transfer to [EU]Fedimian soon.
We're looking for a guild which aims for Earthtower and other highendstuff.

Our Chars:
lvl 201+ S/P/Hc3/DS/(D) + LvL90 Ranger alternative
lvl 200+ W/Psy/L/Cc3/(R)
lvl 241+ W/T/Pc3/Ac2 but lvling currently Archer->Fletcher. Due to Alchi he's rich af.
We're mid/end twenty irl and employed/student. In this case our onlinetimes are mostly evenings and open end on weekends.
We're fluent in english spelling and word, and since we started on Orsha we're even fluent in protugese (lol). We wouldn't mind a german only guild but... well theres mostly too much eDrama and "blabla no english in chat". cba for that.
The guild we're looking for should have it's member ~lvl 200+ and with an activity on a daily basis for multiple hours.
We're using TS3 (having our own 500slot server) everyday as soon as we log in.
I could now talk about our previous mmo history but that would be too long and doesnt belong here... more than 10 years mmoexp. Allways in the top of the serverladder.

tl;dr: we are looking for a guild with a goal in mind and no casualguild "for making friendz in da internet"

greets shinn

edit: Even if nobody can offer us a guildslot we are still looking for a healer and another dps or alternative a tank to run dungeons and later earthtower. If you are TS3 active, and online in the evenings and in the lvl~200 range, contract us.
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