LF> PvP/PvE guild Klaipeda

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LF> PvP/PvE guild Klaipeda

Post by ZeroXIX » April 18th, 2016, 5:37 am

Both me and my gf are on Klipedia, I'm currently leveling two different builds for Fencer for pvp/pve. She is doing a FS priest class, FS wiz class and a DPS wiz. We've both played RO for a long long long time, she started on the P2P servers, I started on Valkyrie server, played in Sakura and then Valkyrie guild until Sakura merged into Valkyrie guild, well into renewal and then into Classic. A little background on me, on Valk server, I started Crit SinX before dark bascillium was available, meaning I know how to build off meta builds and make them work, was asked for my opinion on others crit sinx builds, as well as theory crafting pretty heavily with my builds before deciding or making multiple characters of the same class with different builds/stats/itemizations to find the most optimal and offmeta builds possible to be unique. She on the other hand enjoys playing support characters, but her DPS wiz is her highest level currently (she has more time during the day than I do to play), she played Gypse on RO and played in a PvP guild on there. Catch either of us online, my team name is XIX, hers is Hibiscus :rice: :no1: feel free to ask any questions here if needed, we both live in NYC, so EST! we usually log out around 3-4am est on a regular.
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Post by Joshuaron » May 20th, 2016, 11:59 am

Ive always thought it strange that there is a guild tab with all guild forums, and then another sub-forum for clans...

Delete 1, keep the other
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