Garuda (NA)

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Garuda (NA)

Post by U.Shiraishi » October 26th, 2015, 10:17 am

For this upcoming CBT, I believe that the guild system is still anonymous and we are still unsure on how it really works,
Me and my group of friend are trying to create a guild that consist of Indonesian as understood from the name.

The requirement to entering this guild will be, (but not limited to):
Nationality: Indonesian (mostly will be speaking in Indo)
Region: North America (Most of us will have similar timezone to play)
Server: Laima

1) To help each other in the game (Classes, Stats, Skill, PVP, Questing, Boss, etc...)
2) To grow as a team, helping each other and to be ready for the coming Open Beta
3) To get to know more people, and makes friends
4) To talk in spare time, and to chat when you are bored
5) To HAVE FUN together

Didn't know how the game will work, but best way to contact is to leave your steam ID or game ID(if possible) so I am able to add you as well as the other Indonesia.

Have fun, and see you all in the game.
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Re: Garuda (NA)

Post by TweFoju » March 2nd, 2016, 6:37 am

damn man, i just came back from Toronto ( for good ), ga bisa maen bareng deh :(
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