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Post by Drosser » January 1st, 2015, 5:03 am

Will players be able to respec(re-specialize): to adjust their stats or skill points? If so; what limitations will there be? Are we only going to be able to do it once in a character's life? Is there a quest line planned for this very thing? Or will it be tied to a Cash Shop?

Some of us are concerned about this, because of Ragnarok Online. For the longest time, it was very extreme in its ways. If a player wasn't happy with their status points or skills, they were forced to make a new character and start over; from the very beginning...

I wanted to ask more about this, but I didn't know how I would word it. So I've chosen not to. Given the language barrier that is already present. I'll be fortunate if this even gets passed on to you, the developers, of my dream game.
I don't think we're in Cantha anymore, Togo.
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