New Scam Mails making the Round

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New Scam Mails making the Round

Post by Gardosen » October 13th, 2015, 2:25 pm

Hello Everyone,

we are facing currently a new wave of scam emails.
this time the scammers and phishers sent around an email, which looks like it was sent from our mail server.

the mail looks like this

Please be aware, that Flash or Me will never add links to an email we sent to you. we will always only tell you to visit our website manually to read about news. Whenever you get an email which tells you it is from tosbase, and it contains a link, this email is not from us

we also recommend you to blacklist every email which comes from domains, as this is the domain the phishers are using to scam the people

Kind regards
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Re: New Scam Mails making the Round

Post by Musteque » October 13th, 2015, 2:36 pm

Guys, remember to ignore anything coming from ragnaroksrv (dot) com domain and mark it as spam. The scammer is using this domain to scam and spam users, and it's not just with the game Tree of Savior, he is also luring people in with fake "unlimited credits/gems" for other games.

If you're using Chrome or Firefox, do yourself a favor and download the extension "Web of Trust". The extension will warn you when you are entering shady and fake websites.
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