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Collection items

Post by NamiKucheki » May 13th, 2016, 11:58 pm

There are collection items that are nearly impossible to get.

Tanu Flower - I have killed 1103 and still no flower for my collection.
Panto Spearhead - More kills then is needed to fill the wings of Vabora
Desert Chupacabra Ears - Killed over 1000 never got the ears and ended up having to buy them at the gamers market in town.

Vubbe Fighter Blood, Plants Bracelet, Sestas Crossbow, Pine Mushroom, Sauga Motor Drive, Shredded piece of cloth, Geppetto leaf, White Geppetto Gem, White Pino Gem

Rare item drops and items that come from rare monsters have no place being in the collections. If getting an item requires more than double the kills of Wings of Vabora they should not be in collections.
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