"Popular/Recent Builds" Section

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"Popular/Recent Builds" Section

Post by Cecil » October 24th, 2015, 9:04 am

Hey, I'm a guy who uses this site primarily for the skill builder. It's definitely the most valuable part of this site and I see it be referenced nearly everywhere.

But I noticed that the most popular builds, or the ones on the "frontpage" are all quite old. Not to say they're there for a reason, but many skills have been heavily changed since the 1st beta, and this has effected the viability of a lot of builds. This is particularly true of the Swordsman class, since Barbarian (once the most powerful class in the game) has been completely revamped. It would be bad if a newbie player visited this site, and picked a horribly out of date build just because it was on the 1st page of builds.

So what I'm suggesting is a "popular builds" section, that would show the builds that are either rising in popularity (gaining likes/views quickly). Or the current system could be changed to only show builds updated or created in the current month, with older ones being flagged somehow to the viewer. If there are a few standout builds with good explanations and discussion, they could be included in a sort of "Hall of Fame". That way, newbie players would have a solid idea of where to look for a solid build to get them through.

Thanks for reading, Tosbase is an invaluable resource for pretty much the whole community, so keep up the great work guys! :ho:
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Re: "Popular/Recent Builds" Section

Post by Flash » October 24th, 2015, 2:16 pm

You can sort the public builds as you want (view, likes, comments, date). We plan to replace views with likes as default sorting but as likes were recently added there aren't enough likes yet to do so.
Hiding outdated builds is a little tricky as there are currently daily patches on the kTOS server but it's true that old builds from iCBT1 probably shouldn't be displayed by default anymore.
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