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TOSBase Design

Post by Flash » September 11th, 2015, 10:17 pm

Ok everyone, I just finished the Design of the german TOS website I'm running and would like to know if I should change the TOSBase design to be like that design.

Stuff like colors / background image is not too important for me. My main focus is on the general layout.

I kinda regret the decision to create a 3 colums layout with stuff like forum / wiki / steams alsways displayed on the right side. First of all this information seems very reundant when it's shown on every single page. It also uses about 200px of with which can't be used for anything else. The new design will show these info boxes only on the home page next to the news. So visitors on tosbase will still see it but if you browse the database the is more space to display the important information.

When I decided to show all links in side boxes this was mainly because I had the feeling that links in dropdown menus are kinda "hidden". Now many month later with many new links I more or less changed my mind and think that too many visible links at the same time make it hard to find the right one. I'm really not sure which is better...

For a long time I always said that I prefer news to be shown on the news page so that people don't need to click on each news. I changed my mind when more and more news with tons of images appeared. Havin 5 news with 10-20 images each results in endless scrolling and long and long loading times. In the new design I'm testing a new news system with teaser image + text. What do you think about it?

Here is the link if you want to check it in your browser:

Here is an example image of the home / news page:

One example of more space being useful is the class page. I'm actually able to display all classes of each rank next to each other:

So tell me, what should be changed and what shouldn't be changed? :)
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Re: TOSBase Design

Post by Mr.Nova » September 11th, 2015, 10:23 pm

It does seem to have a good flow to it.

The Previews of the News posts are good

The class page looks really nice arranged like that, perhaps add some column backgrounds to separate them a bit better.

The two column layout does seem pretty good though.

I wouldn't mind the change.
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