Skill Simulator Major SP bug

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Skill Simulator Major SP bug

Post by Vahn » August 28th, 2015, 3:53 am

I come across a discrepancy in the skill build simulator, which I think needs to be fixed ASAP. I couldn't find any thing posted about it. If it was already previously posted, I apologize for it and I hope it will be fixed soon.

1. WHILE BUILDING: .So for any skill in any class when you are in the process of making a build it always shows the SP needed in the format given below:
SP: [Base] * [no.#]
So for example Let's take Alchemist (1st Circle) @ Rank6
Item Awakening-Lv 5:
SP: 420 * 100 = 42,000 per activation

Also note that any skill in the build just like the one above doesn't change it's SP depending on the skill level.

2. WHEN VIEWING: Now after you finish building it and then view it. The way the simulator calculates the SP is completely different.
SP: [Base] + ([no.#] * Skill Level)
So for example Let's take Alchemist (1st Circle) @ Rank6
Item Awakening-Lv 5:
SP: 420 + (100 * 5) = 920 per activation
Now for this format the SP changes per Skill level. So for Lv 1 it would be
SP: 420 + (100 * 1) = 520 per activation

Now 42,000 Vs 520-920 is a big difference!!!

Unless your are Lv 1600 (with a 40% SP boost from all the combined equipment) and spend 100% of all your stat points from beginning till the end, you won't be able to cast this skill even once or else you'll need 14 alchemist at Lv 165 (again a 40% SP boost from each of their equipment) to combine all their SP to cast it at once.
Also depending on which one it is will affect player's builds drastically. Even though veterans will know which format to use, beginners will not. So i'd like to see it fixed soon.Thank you for your time.
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Re: Skill Simulator Major SP bug

Post by Flash » August 28th, 2015, 4:15 am

Thanks for reporting this bug. I changed both tooltips to display the actual sp value instead of the formula now.
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