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[Guide] Installing a Local Mediawiki

Posted: August 1st, 2015, 4:56 pm
by Icystare
This is a handholding how-to guide for those interested in learning and want a testing grounds for all your MediaWiki shenanigans instead of trying to figure it out on the main wiki.

What you'll need is:
1. First thing you'll want to do is install WAMPSERVER. Leave everything at the default value if you don't know what they do. After your installation is finished run WAMPSERVER and put your server online like so
If you've run and installed it successfully, you should be able to access http://localhost/ from your web browser and have the following screen show up.
2. Next we'll be setting up your wiki's MySQL's database and giving your root@localhost a password (doesn't matter what it is but remember it we'll need it later.)
Start by heading over to phpmyadmin
First we are going to need to create a database called my_wiki. Enter my_wiki as shown below and confirm everything.
Now it's time to set up our root@localhost password which will be used to create the wiki.
Head over to...
Scroll down until you find
Enter your password twice and confirm with Go.
We are almost done. Now head over to C:\wamp\apps\phpmyadmin4.1.14 and look for a file called config.ini.php and open it with whatever notepad editing software you use.

Search for $cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] and insert your password that you have made previous into the line and save it.
Now you are completely finish setting up your MySQL database for your wiki.
3. We can finally start installing the Mediawiki now.

Start by extracting the mediawiki you've downloaded to C:\wamp\www (This should contain a series of folder like so
If you did the extractions right you should see
Start by accessing your local wiki using http://localhost/WIKIFOLDERNAMEHERE/
Confirm everything until you arrive at this page.

Use the password you've created recently when making the database in MySQL and fill it in
Continue to confirm everything and leave all the settings at it's default value.
At the close to the end, you will be require to fill in some information for the creation of the admin account. After you finished and get to the end of the page, confirm on more time.
Congratulations you made your first local wiki.