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What Year is This?!

Posted: January 15th, 2019, 8:44 am
by Carnivalous
Oh my goodness -- I believe I've been sent hurtling back in time~
There's like, an honest to goodness forum board. And, like.
Ragnarok Online emotes.
This website asked for my AOL and ICQ information.

The strangeness is uncanny.
I couldn't even use special characters in my password.
M y
G o o d n e s s

That aside however.
I'm Carnivalous.
I'm really quite very much rather new to this whole Trees and Saviors game.

Though -- I wonder what the point of saying Hi around here is
Since like, so many of these threads seem to be from yeeeaaaaars ago~
But hey
There it is

I'm hoping I can find a nice community to like
Congeal with
Acquire a pretty cool and highly functional build to break mobs with
And generally have a pretty chill and happenin' time

Let's get to know each other sometime~

Re: What Year is This?!

Posted: January 17th, 2019, 7:11 pm
by Hermeron
Hello there mate,

Nearly every forum looks like it's stuck at the 2000s.
But well, I like to think it's some sort of legacy.
Destined to some sort of evolution or extinction (or migration to Reddit).

But well, I am from South America server, and I'm no pro player or expert at the game.
I just have a lot of good will and an Excel sheet with tons of data from a few swordsman classes.

Should you need help, feel free to seek me even on Steam.

Always willing to help a soul in need,