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Post by Akatuoro » July 27th, 2016, 3:14 pm

Hi everyone,

since a lot of new players are confused about the TP system, here's a little know-how.
1. Types of TP
2. How to spend

1. Types of TP - Bought, Event and Free
  • Regular TP can be obtained by spending money or participating in events.
  • Free TP is generated at a rate of 1 TP per 4 hours and caps at 5 TP. As you can see, I need to wait 3 hours 1 minute 3 seconds to receive my next free TP. If the TP is capped, no more is generated and the icon reads TPMax.
    Free TP continues to be generated while logged out.
When you buy something at the TP Trader, first your free TP will be consumed. Then the remainder of the price (if any) is taken off your regular TP.
Regular TP is further seperated in bought TP and event TP. Event TP gets consumed first.

2. How to spend

When you don't plan to buy something big:
Spend your free TP on consumables when/before it caps!
You can buy things like megaphones, soul crystals or warp scrolls. Just make sure the price doesn't exceed your current free TP.

When you want to buy something big (> 5 TP):
Wait until your free TP is capped. This way you'll save 5 of your regular TP :no1:

Any further suggestions for this guide? Please leave a comment.
Since this might involve real money, I guess I need to say that you should be careful about spending TP and that I won't hold any responsibility for any of the money/TP spent.
~~ Akatuoro :gawi:

My TP Guide
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Re: [GUIDE] Free TP

Post by renseiryuu » July 28th, 2016, 3:53 am

A helpful guide for me to explain about Free TP to my friend. Thanks :lol:

Btw, below is the list of items that you could buy through Free TP (without Regular TP):
- Soul Crystal (4 TP)
- Warp Scroll (2 TP)
- Urgent Repair Kit (3 TP)
- Megaphone (1 TP)

I personally recommend starters to stock Soul Crystal first (5 or 10 or more, depending on your need). After that, you could buy Warp Scroll (useful when you're grinding in a map without warp statue) or perhaps the other two items.
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Re: [GUIDE] Free TP

Post by Cress » July 28th, 2016, 6:37 am

Nice and short.

My personal recommendation to buy with free TP and always have at hand:
10-20 Megaphones
10 Soul Crystals
3-6 Warp Scrolls
2 Urgent Repair Kits
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