The Holy&Dark Medium (Cleric/Bokor/Sadhu) Guide - By Hust

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The Holy&Dark Medium (Cleric/Bokor/Sadhu) Guide - By Hust

Post by Hust » November 14th, 2015, 7:16 pm

Hello all! I am Hust, a RO lover and a CBTester on Tree of Saviour.

I bring you this guide that I've been testing. It is a support/offensive, good for farm and to play in party, with Holy and Dark dmg. Actually I am Cleric2/Bokor1 lv56 and I will update the guide when I level more. Actually the build works perfectly.


The 1st stat is SPIRIT. With Spirit u can have a long battle capability because of your Max SP and SP Recovery. AND you will resist pretty well status problems.
The 2nd stat is INTELIGENCE. For healing and Magic Dmg. Ive been thinkg about Strenth, but the INT dmg of the Cleric is superior.
The 3rd stat would be CONSTITUTION. Being a bit tank is ok, but in the time you got Zombies u wont need it.

At lvl 56 my stats are:
CON 15 (Increased only like a Cleric)
INT 28 (I'm increasing INT only like a Bokor)
SPR 61


Cleric 2nd-circle
Heal 10
Cure 2
Safety Zone 10
Deprotected Zone 4
Divine Might 3
Fade 1

Bokor 1st Circle
Hexing 1 of 5
Effigiy 2 of 5
Tet Mamk La 1
Zombify 2 of 4


Cleric Combo
Use both Weapons BLUNT and SWORD. Blunt for play caster, with the Attribute of "Blunt Mastery: Stun" u will Stun eventually. Use Sword with Deprotected Zone for combo with Attribute "Deprotected Zone: Sword Attack".
So the combo until u are Bokor will be:
1- Mob some Enemies using your weapon.
1.5 - IF there is plenty of enemies cast first Safety Zone.
2- Turn back and cast both HEALs and CURE for AoE.
3- IF they didnt DIE yet, cast Deprotected Zone and change weapon to the Sword and Kill them all.

Divine Might should be used for Improve Safety Wall, and whatever 2 skills u want to use next.

Use Fade only if u can't control your MOB, so u can run safely.

With this combo rule you can properly lvl up until become Bokor. You will be really great at the first Dungeon in particular, the Church, full of Dark Type Monsters. U wont have problems with sp and still have great Magic Holy dmg with good Physic Dmg using Deprotected+Sword.

Bokor Combo
As a Bokor I recomend to lvl up first Effigy, but unlock Tet Mamk La Lv1, Zombify lv1 and Hexing lv1 for the Combo.

At the beguining Zombified will be hard to use.
How to use Zombified properly at low lvl:
1- Mob enemies with low life and NOT-Rangeds.
2- Use Divine Might and cast:
2.1 - Safety Wall. For hold the enemies. Cause u need to hold enemies at the same place and u wont move.
2.2 - Zombified under the enemies. Cause u need to extend the time of the circle. Having Zombifited at lv2 really helps, cause increase the duration for 5 secs.
2.3 - Hexing for Maximum Magic DMG.
3- Kill'em fast with Both Heals and Cure. End with Effigy for quicly dmg OR Deprotected+Sword if you want to save SP.

After having some Zombies it will be easier, use your Zombies to hold the Enemies in a place and cast your second Zombified under the enemies that are being attacket by your Zombie Mob. Always with Divine Might active.

With some Zombies you just have to do your Cleric Combo for assist your Zombies. Now you can choose to save some Heals or Cure for support your Zombie horde (even if it seems incredible, your holy Heals are effective on your dark Zombies).

With this Build you will MOB and LvUP easily, being a good member of any Party and doing good DMG and Tanking properly.


Weapon- Change between Sword and Blunt Weapons for Stun/DecreasedZoneCombo. AND always use Shield.
Armor- Use Cloth Set for SP recovery.
Extras- Everything that gives you SPR (SP Recovery/MAX SP), INT (Magic Dmg) and CON (Block Chance) is usefull. Also Accuracy, it gives you the extra that you need for your Melee attacks.

Well, this is everything until now. My goal is to become Cleric 2nd, Bokor 2nd and Sadhu 2nd. A great Medium Master with Holy and Dark magic attacks, a lot of Zombies and some Melee asist.

It is really FUN to play with this build, and really easy to solo playing and useful for parties.

Please, ask me any questions.

Hust- :no1:
Hust- :no1:
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Re: The Holy&Dark Medium (Cleric/Bokor/Sadhu) Guide - By Hust

Post by Hust » November 15th, 2015, 2:51 pm

Some photos rockin at the Church! XD
Hust- :no1:
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