Newbie here that could use some build advice/help.

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Newbie here that could use some build advice/help.

Post by Dekallis » May 26th, 2017, 11:32 pm

So I came across Tree of Savior recently, and got all nostalgic because it's look and style reminded me of RO, then promptly got lost in the sea of information and classes to digest before finally starting to hammer out what the heck I'm going to do.

I have a few ideas, and I'd like some feedback thoughts/critiscm/whatever on them since there's alot i don't know about this game.

1.My paladin build -If a paladin exists I always build one eventually. I had planned to do this one first actually but in hind sight it might be worth saving for later, since I realized I'd have to level him with str....and I remember what leveling a str acolyte was like before I could get to monk in RO. Not sure I want something similar for my first char....actually almost certainly don't.

2.A swordy going fencer. Melee builds are usually where i'm more comfy, but it seems like there's a lot of ways a swordy can go in this so it was hard pinning down what I would want to do with one, then I saw fencer....and Rapiers being my favorite type of sword, I decided that was what I'd shoot for. I feel like this needs tweaking a bit to because by the time I got to the end of it I realized i couldn't get Fencer3....and I feel that's bad. Not sure how bad but my gut tells me it is.

Alternatively I considered a spearman build, going for a more mounted calvary/lancer type char, but past experiences have made me shy away from spears. They always seem to end up lacking in almost every game I play. I saw a build by Valkoria that looked interesting though. Might give that a try.

3.Necormancer I always wanted a class like this in RO, I don't usually do mages, but when I do it's usually some kind of minion master, or something ice/lightning centric. Here I can combine the two! Sort of. Not sure how well minions scale or what end game will look like, but the basic idea was to freeze things and let minions beat on them. I wasn't sure if I should take Wizard2 for surespell or if one was fine, or if I really need lack of game knowledge really hampered my ability to figure out a build here. I have no idea what cast times look like or if there's a stat to reduce cast time....soooo it's all just guess work.

4. Lastly, I wanted to try a cannoneer....Because it has a cannon. Yes that's a good enough reason. IT'S. A. CANNON. I don't know ANYTHING about archers though, I generally avoid playing them, in rpgs, because I get bored. but if it means getting a cannon down the line I think I can deal with it. If anyone could suggest a build that'd be great.
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