Extremely confused, looking for 2 Classes

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Extremely confused, looking for 2 Classes

Post by Letric,TheMighty » January 2nd, 2017, 7:29 am


I've never really played RO, and I'm not an expert at number crunching, but I do like playing things that are effective.

My friend will be playing some sort of Archer and another one a Cleric, he likes support/healing. I'm supposed to play some sort of Tank.

I need help on:

- What class is good as tank? Are there true tanks that old aggro through threat, or they do it through damage? Do I need to go pure tank or are there other ways to tank? Could you please link a guide that also shows stat allocation

- What class should I play for solo PvE? I wanted to make a farm bot or something to make lots of money so I can help my friends and myself if needed.

The idea is to have 2 toons, 1 for solo play, 1 for group play. The group play one will always be played with another person, either a cleric or archer. The solo one is meant to be solo for money making, whatever works! I prefer farming than leaving my computer on 24*7 to sell stuff.

If you can help me and don't use abbreviations it would be awesome, since I'm new and I'm still familiarizing with terms.
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