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Tank class for newbie

Posted: May 13th, 2016, 9:05 am
by thsscapi
Hi, I'm new to the game, only tried CBT for a bit then kind of stopped for quite a while.

In most games I always pick the tanky class, usually some kind of Knight or Paladin. I would like to build such a character here as well.

I understand that all Swordsman are generally already very tanky, and that having low DPS even as a tank is usually more trouble than it's worth. Is there any Swordsman build that would be able to easily facetank or aggro mobs easier than other builds while having good-enough DPS? I've looked at various builds and it seems those with Peltasta and Rodelero are most suitable, even though Rodelero seems kind of useless as of now.

I also learnt that Clerics are usually the ones protecting the party. I would then have to ask, are there any Cleric builds that would be able to tank?

Is the Corsair's Jolly Roger skill worth considering in an ideal tank build? It seems like a really good skill to have on your first character, but does having Corsair in a tank build make it much less useful?

Any help and advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Tank class for newbie

Posted: July 4th, 2016, 11:14 pm
by Suzushii
If you are looking Cleric which may be a tank, I recommend you check for Paladin. You must remember that tank here primarily has the task to collect mobs and keep it. Therefore taunt is the basis and it is only a swordsman - shield buckler. There are plenty of specs and methods, including the use of two-handed weapons. However, each tank must be Peltast C1, because

Swash Buckling
Shield Guard

Where guardian is fine at 1/5 and you don't must waste more point for this. I also mainly been on the tank raids so I know what you are looking for, but typical tank is not here, just not exist. Fencer actually bought me and was going in this direction, despite the fact that Doppelsoeldner the Dragoon are equally interesting. Ask yourself one question - what weapon you like. Two-handed sword, spear, sword and shield or maybe rapier? After that you will have it easier to adapt. It took me a while to have learned that this game gives us a lot of choice. If you're not used to it, you can have trouble at the start. I've seen many variations, from the tanks with typical sword and shield, daggers and rapiers on the two-handed swords or spears ending. The latter probably make the biggest impression.

Re: Tank class for newbie

Posted: July 5th, 2016, 2:09 am
by NegiMiso
My experience with Paladin, this class is not for tanking. It more for HP/SP Aura, Magic defense buff and demon/mutant killer.
Peltasta is the most tanky because it has a lot of Shield attributes (just found it recently). Not even Rodelero has these many attributes. Here are some of it:

Shield Guard
Shield Mastery:Block
Swash Buckling:Maximum HP

Reference: Attribute Database

Edit: Corsair's Jolly Roger is not for tanking despite the nullify attack attribute. It is more useful for item farming. And other Corsair's skills is for two weapon attack like Sword and Dagger.

Edit: One tank build that interest me is Swordmen C1 > Peltasta C1 > Hoplite C3. Because Hoplite's Finestra increase block by percentage(+ crit) and reduce evasion. The question is Peltasta High Guard or Hoplite Finestra? Peltasta High Guard got flat amount in block increase and -50% damage is a pain. Hoplite Finestra got percentage block increase which mean as you get more level and CON, the value will keep increasing as you level up but still low compared to High Guard. Plus, Hoplite C2 skill can deal extra damage to boss and with attribute, your attack has higher AOE (for leveling) with the cost of reduced evasion. Yeah, Hoplite Finestra really hate evasion.

Re: Tank class for newbie

Posted: July 23rd, 2016, 10:46 pm
by Akatuoro
as you've figured out, tanking in tos means pulling the mobs together. For that you usually pick Peltasta c1 for Swash Buckling.
Now there are a few possibilities to build your tank.
  • Full Tank, something like this for utility or Peltasta c3 + Hoplite c3. Basic playstyle is to use swash buckling and press c to raise your shield and tank all the incoming attacks. It's weak to magic attacks since they can't be blocked.
    Stat weight is focussed on CON, something like full CON, 2 CON 1 STR or 1 CON 1 STR.
  • Hoplite/Dragoon Tank, something like this. Does good damage while being able to taunt and also block with shield if needed. Uses spear+shield / 2h spear.
  • High DPS taunter. Able to taunt and doing a lot of damage, depending on the cleric for survival. This is a good build accomplishing that. Uses 2h weapons. Very viable for current end game content (earth tower), though a tank is not nessecarily needed for that.
Note that the different builds use different weapons.
Now it's up to your preference :no1: