Some advice about how archer should change ...

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Some advice about how archer should change ...

Post by karocks1009 » November 6th, 2015, 7:36 pm

My current character is C3 Archer , LV 68 now :pif:

I think compare to other class branch , archer is really weak . ( I ve played wizard and swordman )
First of all i think the current PhyD isn't too bad , but you need a way to let archer deal damage.
We all know most archer branch skills are "Missile" , usually missile cant deal standard damage to a boss, that really give archer a hard-time . :wah:
The most thing that i feel depress is that : As a marksman , our damage rely on SP output , doesn't that make us MAGE :?:
and still the skill damage not even close to wizard or swordman .

Following is some change I think of it , ofc not everyone should apply , but i think some change can make archer more fun and not that depressing :gawi:

1. ATK Speed . :sob:
ATK speed is toooo slow, that really take all the fun being a marksman away . I think this must change ! you have to give the player some way
to increase their ATK speed , Here is some way to change :
i. create a formula between STR and DEX that effects atk speed ,
ii. buffing SWIFT STEP , make it can increase ATK speed for 10%~50% , for now SWIFT STEP is really not that useful , the increase of movement speed
isn't that fast , and didn't even work long enough
iii. A similar concept like swordsman's rush (→→) , that can make ATK speed up for a moment and consume "energy" .

2. Skills Change
I think the skills for classes like Archer and Swordman , if you design the skills just for output , it is too "MAGE" alike , :!:
If the play style is all like pressing 1~9 to use skills ,releasing skills on monster ... whats the fun playing between different classes :?:
you really should take out some similar concept of skills on archer . (like Fulldraw is just like Twin Arrows )

So , i think for archer , you should make about 50% atk skills , 50% self buffs
Self buffs maybe like increasing ATK speed , Crit chances etc. something like that , or can do % damage but get some debuff . :ic:

3. Make It skillful or Conditional

Above is talking about how to make player life easier , :meh: but that's not my point , I mean yea , some buff is 100% needed , but not just buff .
For example i really like one of "Rogue"' skill that required to atk from back . For marksman you can setup some skills just like that concepts
that required more operation to keep marksman stay dealing damage

AND REALLY REALLY can you decrease the "MULTI-SHOT" pulling bow time 50% or 60% ...

It should be like if my play style is doing massive damage at once with crazy awesome effects , i can play "Mage"
I want do continued damage with some micro-operation ,and right click FTW i play "Archer"

For me , these 2 is just so alike now , the only different is one dealing depressing low damage and shooting arrow ,
another is dealing great damage with some cool skill effect , AND it is AOE :omg: , thats totally unfair :sob:

I think TOS team is really doing some change to avoid RO's shadow , but something is worth keeping it
So far , I think the only problem that can lose player is boring classes with boring mobbing maps .
Mobbing maps , most player can endure for the goal they want to get .
BUT , if most of your classes doesnt really have potential that drive player want to get .
You will soon see there's Wizard and Cleric branch all over the city , and some Barbarian some Rogue maybe :panic:
We will get bored after 3 or 6 month , and you will fail .

Another suggest is bring RO's chat-room back for serious, I believe many player expecting this . :lv:

Hope the TOS team can saw this , and give some good change to archer , make it fun . :lv:
I really insist on ATK speed , current speed rate is really making me want to sleep , don't know you guys think .
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Re: Some advice about how archer should change ...

Post by Phelsetti » November 6th, 2015, 11:16 pm

Level 68 C3 Archer is all I needed to read. Oh and attributes exist. Make sure you notice that. :gawi:
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