FENCER skill builds and class theory crafting.

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FENCER skill builds and class theory crafting.

Post by doubleu » November 6th, 2015, 12:34 pm

Hi there TOS fans, I'm curious as to how I could build my Fencer. :gawi:
I hope to have people's opinions about the builds etc that I've thought up.

The focus is on pvp mostly and with that in mind I hope people would take into consideration the attributes of the classes I pick like taking C1 Peltasta over C2 swordsman at rank 2. And also the weapon swapping of rapier + shield / raper + dagger. (i do know right now whenever you weapon swap it lags slightly/ or is not very responsive)

IMPORTANT NOTE ; If there's any information that I have that is incorrect please let me know. :wah:

(swordsman > peltasta > barbarian > barbarian > corsair > fencer)

Why Peltasta ; <<Just some theory crafting as to why I think rank 2 Peltesta is not too bad>>

1. Swashbuckling for easy lvling early on.

2. Swashbuckling boots MHP.
(although it gives MHP boost it doesn't give immediate HP boost. 5% per attribute level *MAX lv 5* - 25% MHP boost??)

3. Umbow blow can stun for an AOE around the character.
(3 seconds/ 5% per attribute level *MAX lv 5*)

4. Guard stance and Block mastery.
(Increase block rate by 5% per attribute level *MAX lv 5*)

(Physical DEF + 10, Physical DMG -14 at lv 1)
-It's enough to leave it at level 1 just for the attribute passive effect. The max attribute adds +18% evasion. 14 physical damage is not a significant amount of damage lost, especially late game. So it is worth the 1 point in guardian.

Why Corsair ; <<For ease of lvling and also useful in higher level grinding/ could be useful with a party)
http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simu ... exr80eqn1/

1. Jolly Roger
(for lvling and also it could be useful for grinding with a party)

2. Iron Hook
(5 second cc for max 3 people)
- I'm not sure if this has any effect in PVP, if anyone knows an can correct me do let me know. :sry:

3. Keel Hauling
(for the dmg/ probably useful for pvp 1 v 1 ??)
- Again I'm not sure so I hope to get some expert advice from people who do know what Corsair skills are actually like.

Why Rodelero ; <<For more cc and etc>>
http://www.tosbase.com/tools/skill-simu ... 4h4urolj9/

1. Montano
(Stuns, knockback and then adds a 10 second slow, *MAX lv 2* ;
will afflict the target with [Slow] for 10 seconds and the duration of [Slow] will increase by 3/2/1 seconds based on attribute level to small/medium/large sized monsters, respectively.)
- I think pvp players would be classified under normal size if we base this on RO

2. Targa Smash
(Turns enemy attribute to Darkness with small chance)
- Would have good synergy with the rapier below (even tho it says small chance)

3. Shield Push
( -75 Defense/ unbalanced status duration, 5 seconds)
- I am not sure if this is -75 DEF to enemy or self :swt:

4. Shield Shoving
(Interrupt an enemy's action using your shield. The enemy is turned around, and can't take any actions temporarily/ 1.5 second duration)

So, my thoughts are that going Peltasta isn't super bad like everyone has been telling me. With 'umbw blow' you have a chance of stunning anyone around your AOE (it's a circular AOE around the character).
I do know that you get more damage w/o shield equipped but in pvp I'm not sure damage is super high priority plus if they manage to fix weapon swap lag perhaps if you mange to stun you can swap weapons and try using 'Cleave' from barb skills (not tested, current CBT has not implemented it yet). While going Corsair would make him more useful in a party while grinding with 'Jolly Roger', while being able to hook 3 people MAX during pvp seems decent. While 1v1 you'd be able to pull people towards you and could try stunning them.

OR we can always just go C3 Barbarian, it's kinda boring but if it is better then :panic:

Also I'd like to state that this is theory crafting I hope I don't get dumpstered too harshly :wah:
Please let me know what everyone thinks?
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