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Pardoner Skill Simony

Posted: August 14th, 2015, 6:21 pm
by Fleece
Hi there ToSters!

Thanks to the IPF Suite tool, I found the list of Cleric skills a Pardoner can Simony! I managed to combine them into a spreadsheet for your viewing pleasure! Excel spreadsheets ain't allowed, so see below for two pictures of the spreadsheep x3

Just be aware, there are a few spells where there are no official names for, and I used Google translate to best surmise what the skill is. Good luck on your cash cow builds, and share them with me!

Links:Page 1 Page 2

Big thanks to Crow for linking me the updated list from the kCBT3!
Crow wrote:A topic on this subject has also been created on official forums, based on korean beta: ... list/37395

It differs in few points, especially when it comes to Paladin and Oracle skills.

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Posted: August 14th, 2015, 6:38 pm
by Icystare
This should render a lot of niche pardoner builds obsolete if these tables hold in the next CBT/OBT.

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Posted: August 14th, 2015, 6:50 pm
by MementoMori
Very interesting :ok:
Thank you !

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Posted: August 14th, 2015, 7:08 pm
by Haruka
Thanks so much for this! I thought it was funny that Paladin's barrier can be made into a scroll, but to get Paladin C3 you can't be a Pardoner :wah:

This has pretty much confirmed my build for Cleric C3 -> Paladin -> Pardoner -> Oracle :ok:

I'm curious, could the same info be dug up about spell shop? I wanna know how much I'm missing out on by not getting Pardoner C2 :hmm:

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Posted: August 14th, 2015, 7:13 pm
by Fleece
I haven't found the table for Spell Shop yet :s But for now, we can assume all buffs that are non-self targeting can be placed in Spell Shop. From a video on YouTube (too lazy to go dig it up atm ;w; sorry!), it would also appear that the buff would need a catalyst/item (like Holy Powder for Blessing). Will update when I find something solid though!

Check out the skill description for Spell Shop!

"Can register skill that use item."

This means that the following skills can be placed in the Spell Shop:
  • Aspersion - Holy Water
  • Blessing - Holy Powder
  • Sacrament - Gislotis
I'm not sure what other buffs can be shopped, but this seems to be it. I also don't know what Spell Shop level have to do with anything - duration, maybe?

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Posted: August 14th, 2015, 8:16 pm
by Haruka
OH, sorry for another question, but would you happen to know if the Simony scrolls use the Pardoner's stats or the person casting the scroll's?

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Posted: August 14th, 2015, 8:50 pm
by Fleece
I have no clue! I didn't play iCBT long enough to hit even Cleric C2 xD

I would think it uses the caster's stats and not the Pardoner's stat. It makes more sense that way (in my mind) since the game will be pulling stats from the character who uses the skill.

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Posted: August 15th, 2015, 2:14 pm
by Crow
A topic on this subject has also been created on official forums, based on korean beta: ... list/37395

It differs in few points, especially when it comes to Paladin and Oracle skills.

At the end of the day, it seems all 'buffs' of circle 2 classes will be covered, so in terms of endgame it will not be that important which one you chose (as a non-pardoner), as all the buffs you bring to the party will be covered by scrolls. Than again some of the skills in question have a short duration, so buying that many scrolls might turn out to be too expensive.

Re: Pardoner Skill Simony

Posted: August 15th, 2015, 3:44 pm
by Fleece
@Crow: that is a great point! I made this because of ongoing questions regarding how Simony works. It's good to know that Simony level affects scroll level.

I see what you mean about the Paladin/Oracle differences. Perhaps the differences are a change that has yet to make its way into our CBT1 and will perhaps show itself in iCBT2.

Maybe this would be the best scroll mule build!


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Posted: August 15th, 2015, 4:19 pm
by vegax87
Fleece: a Pardoner can craft Priest scrolls too

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Posted: August 15th, 2015, 4:26 pm
by Fleece
vegax87 wrote:

That's the skill Spell Shop, not Simony. Spell Shop allows you to vend your buffs that require a catalyst/item (like a Priest's Blessing). The link in Crow's post provide a more updated listing of Simony-able skills. Only a Priest's Monstrance is craftable, the rest are vendable.

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Posted: August 15th, 2015, 4:26 pm
by Crow
vegax87 wrote:Fleece: a Pardoner can craft Priest scrolls too
Simony (scroll crafting skill) and Spell Shop (as seen on your video) are different skills. Lists by Fleece concern Simony, while Spell Shop currently covers only three spells seen in the vid (all three are not craftable via Simony).

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Posted: September 4th, 2015, 12:37 am
by RemLocke
Lets theory craft some paper!

Simony is one of those skills that could fundamentally change the nature of the game from being less resource dependent to very resource dependent (think RO WoE and how mandatory tons of acid and grenade bottles became). Forgive me but I'll be comparing this to RO scrolls since that is the closest reference I know of.

Theory 1 - Scrolls used incur the same Cool Down and SP cost as if you were their class of origin (unlike RO Scrolls). and 1
Here Steparu uses a brown scroll to cast 'Call of Deities' , which has a 60 second cool down. Additionally his sp drops by ~100 (I presume skill cost is relative to your base level).

Theory 2 - Unlike Potions - Scrolls do not share cool downs.
The 'CoD' scroll is used and shows the cool down, but the white scrolls next to them do not go into cool down mode. Next he uses a mana potion and both mana and HP potions go into 30 second cool down.

Theory 3 - Cheap status recovery, Resist Element, Safety Zone, & Barrier would be mandatory for PvP and ruins many classes chances at pvp (like Cryomancer). ... list/37395
"With an attribute "Make Dispeller". Pardoner can also use 2 parchment to create dispeller scroll. This scroll can be use to prevent any debuff (ex.sleep,freeze,etc.).
To create it you have to sit and it'll show icon to create dispeller.
And to make dispeller scroll work you have to activate it. When debuff was casting on you it'll prevent those debuff and consume 1 scroll. Scroll have no cool down."

Theory 4 - Specifically for Cryomancer / Elementalist, Krivis Zaibas scrolls might be excellent for elemental combinations due to Zaibas's long duration (30 seconds). Actually all heal /int based cleric spells will naturally be great on Wizards. So great that someone could make a Pardoner sub and healer / support Wiz main?

Theory 5 - Tanking will be ruined into using scrolls with high levels of Safety Zone
Really, what is the point of block or high HP if everyone has easy access to this spell?

Theory 6- Scrolls and Spells do not share cooldowns, so twice as many of a specific spell could be cast as usual ... t/37395/78
"Yes, Cool down from skill won't share to scroll."
This should be great for Zaibas and any other offensive or strong utility spells.

Theory 7 - Everyone will want Divine Might 15 scrolls.

Theory 8 - Call of Deities will be the new LoD farming (summoned monster farming), and will be hilarious if it works in pvp.
Reaching maybe? Except the farming part is what is done in Steparu's Toy Hammer video.

Whew that's it...for now! :panic:

Re: Pardoner Skill Simony

Posted: September 4th, 2015, 5:20 am
by Vahn
Sure, it will change the game drastically provided you are rich enough to afford them. This is the numbers I got from: ... list/37395. Basically, 3 tiers of Scrolls are going to arise from this. Tier 3 will be the most expensive while tier 1 will be the cheapest and least desirable.

Skills that don't require any items for activation can't be sold in shops by a Pardoner. But, they can be traded. This means expect them to be placed in auction houses. They generally this sort of bidding would increase the prices too much, expect a starting bid with very low margin levels of profits. See below:

Heal, Cure, Aukuras, Restoration and Restoration will be competing directly with other in-game items such as: Antidote, Anti-Magic, Block increase potion Lv15, Concentrated HP potion Lv15, Concentrated Movement Speed increase potion Lv15, Concentrated SP potion Lv15, Concentrated Stamina pill Lv15, Cool down time potion, Critical damage increase potion Lv15, Magic Boost Increase potion Lv 15,warp scroll just to name a few. Healing items range from every level of potion to every king of food. Also Pardoner's will be competing directly here with both in game items sold by NPCs and the Alchemist brotherhood. So expect them to be cheap.

The skills that use items will be sold in shops (similar to an automatic vending machine). Since the skills that can be sold in shops are only ones that require an item from them to use. Example:
Priest's: Aspersion: uses 1 Holy water -> increases defense
Priest's: Blessing: uses 1 Holy powder -> increases attack
Priest's: Sacrement: uses 1 Gislotis -> changes attack into Holy Attack

The Alchemist will somewhat be competing with Pardoner for this customer base. Though the advantage of this skill over the Alchemy one is it's very long duration if you buy it from a high class Pardoner who maxed out his shop duration attribute. You'll get 15 minutes + the cooldown time here. Though Alchemy might provide greater benefits for a shorter period of time. Prepare to pay more to get them since there is not much competition here.

The cost to make these spells:
see: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1358&p=7771#p7771

All other skills such as: Safety Zone,Daino, Zaibas, Smite, Turn Undead, Arcane Energy, Counter Spell, Change, Clairvoyance, Forecast having no direct competition will be the most expensive.
So they'll all be posted on the auction house at unbelievable prices. Where everyone will trying to out bid the other. Don't expect people to just use these blindly even for a PvP. You can be sure they'll be saving these for major PvP events/competitions (a limit might also be put in place). These skills could go for massive amounts for just low level ones (lv 1-5).

This is basically a sub section in tier 3 and not a complete one on its own. These will be what I see as being the most valuable and expensive scrolls of tier 3.

Zaibas (has a elemental combination with Rain and duration for half a minute), Safety Zone (at Lv 15: 30 hits complete nullification), Turn Undead (can instantly kill both Socerer's and Necromancer's boss summons), change (might be able to change to/from boss monster), Barrier (Only achieved at rank 6)

NOTE: Electrical combinations with freezing skills won't work with Zaibas, so don't get your hopes up. Though Elementalist's Rain will over so this just means that Lv15 Zaibas will be that much more costly.

Don't expect to make stacks of these in your inventory to spam on the dungeon bosses. Just get a regular old Cleric to join your party and all this is basically free. I don't even see it being used in PvP, unless it's a major competition. The yes, this gives you an edge over the other players provided you've saved up enough for it.

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Posted: September 4th, 2015, 9:14 pm
by IOUmoney
Divine might and CoD no longer scrollable.
Sad thing was they were selling at below production cost @.@ (or at least that is what is being said)
Heal Lv5 + Simony Lv15 = Heal Lv15 scroll (Parchment 5 [each cost 200] + 2500 silver) = 3500 silver. Yeah, that's correct but only gives are partial picture. Your just assuming that applies for all cases. However, you neglected to comment about the other posted example. Heal Lv15 + Simony Lv1 = Heal Lv 1 scroll (Parchment 15 + 7500 silver). One can't base expected production cost based of two short examples (at least in this case because there are other variables need to be accounted for like whether the base skill level is affecting the cost or the simony level). Maybe a 2-3 more varying examples is need before any solid conjecture can be made.

But due to the job advancement changes in KCBT testing, The c3 paladin barrier is possible to be scrollable (if the list on this post is correct)

Zaibas scrolls are great, but only there are few classes that can full advantage of it. Those can take partial advantage is anyone that is building int. The ones really use zaibas scrolls to the full potential are those with krivis passives or those with electric damage up related (cyro & linkers)

Scrolls are great and all, but they are simply are luxury good. Are they necessary? Not really, you can do without. Improve quality of life? Yes, they are. If the prices for the scrolls are as high as previous post stated then your rarely going to see them in normal PvE cases like grinding. In PvP, you will see some minor uses in pvp at the cost of like 5k+ a scroll (lvl 15). Unless its like a major pvp type event or bragging rights, your not going to see people popping scrolls like no tomorrow.

Money-Maker? Yes, but they are just about similar to the other crafting classes.
All depends on volume of sale and price. Zaibas scrolls (if high price as stated) would be sold rarely to those that can afford it, but it will make a nice profit. Other classes (squire and alch) can make equally or more based on the volume of sales for their services. Sorta like selling an sword for 100 gold at a slow pace vs selling 10 swords for 10 gold at a fast pace.

Re: Pardoner Skill Simony

Posted: September 5th, 2015, 3:07 am
by Vahn
Hey, IOUmoney, in order to answer your question, I looked for more figures on cost estimation. I now stand corrected on what I said about "level 15 scrolls needing lv 15 skills". Please take a look. Thanks!